The guitar style of Gary Guitar Lammin matches a continuous and perpetual attitude that refuses to see him just going through the motions and/or wearing a T-shirt that says "I'm A Punk Rocker." 

This combination of attitude and guitar style has resulted in Gary playing guitar with at least one
member of most major British Punk Bands from the era 1975 and 1976, either in a recording studio or live.

Joe Strummer was the first to notice exactly what Gary was demonstrating and consequently offered to produce several original songs that Gary had written.

what Gary was doing was close to what Joe had been doing in The 101ers.

fusing White Punk Rock with Black Delta Rhythm and Blues, a recipe not dissimilar to that also 
utilized by Iggy Pop, The New York Dolls and The MC5.   

Gary explains :-  To me the music of the delta was the voice of the black working class and it made
perfect sense therefore to fuse that with the voice of white working class.

Picking up on parallels that are just waiting to be connected are instinctive to Gary.

This attitude and style was also noticed by Keith Richards personal guitar tech Pierre Du Beauport
who invited Gary to record at his studio in Connecticut USA known as the Library Studio.  

Previously Gary, a life long Rolling Stones aficionado had been well noted for his fantastically creative reworking of The Rolling Stones song "We Love You".

Gary had converted We Love You, from a floating spaced out psychedelic acid trip into a rollicking and boot stomping amphetamine driven terrace rocker.

Therefore If fusing British Punk with Black Delta Rhythm Blues produces interesting Rock n Roll then
why not try fusing psychedelics with the terraces?

Gary Guitar Lammin now releases his first solo album,

Produced by the original Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman who also played Bass and Drums.
We now see Gary continuing his journey of paradoxical musical combinations.

Dave Goodman's production is the perfect foil to Gary's song writing.

Love it Or Hate It, dismiss it or crave it, It Doesn't Matter, Because this is...